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Groom's Guide to Custom-Fit Attire

The Formalist: Neil Guffey, Guffey's and Buckhead Bridals by Guffey's


Guffey's best advice: "Pick a suit or tuxedo that is flattering and reflects your personality—though subtle is better. The groom's attire should be a little different from the rest of the groomsmen."

The Groom’s Guide to Custom-Fit Attire

1. Where should a groom start with his wedding attire?
The venue will play a large part in the selection of the wedding wardrobe. Once the overall look and feel of the wedding is established, we recommend he purchase—and customize—a suit that allows him to express his individuality while complementing the style and quality of the bride’s dress. If a bride is spending more than $3,000 on an Anne Barge gown, the groom’s attire should follow suit. Clothing should address the occasion!

2. What about outfitting the groomsmen?
For wedding parties, our rental suits and tuxedos are a valuable service because they provide a uniform look. We offer tuxedos for formal weddings and a more casual tan linen suit for a less formal event. It’s a nice package, especially if the wedding party is large.  

3. What are some ways a groom can customize his attire?
His choice of fabrics, from dressy, dark wools to light, summery linens. There’s also the details, like a trimcut that’s contemporary and edgy, or a more traditional cut with a classic fit. They can also inject personality with the style of the lapel or pocket square.

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