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Six Shots You Need Captured

The Photographer: Ross Oscar Knight, Ross Oscar Knight Photography


Knight's best advice: "Connecting with a photographer is all about building a level of trust. You'll be spending more time with this 'historian' than any one else on your wedding day, so it's important that you feel confident and comfortable to be yourself in front of the camera. Get to know the photographer; share a personal story and determine his or her listening ability. If the two of you have chemistry, then you are on your way to receiving fabulous wedding images!"

Six Shots Every Couple Needs Captured on Their Wedding Day

1. The Pertinent Details

Getting shots of the details—such as the bejeweled buckles on your shoes—will help build the perfect album. You’ve put time, attention and resources into the wedding, so you will want these captured.

2. The Reflective Groom
At some point the groom always takes a moment to reflect about the day and his future plans with his bride. The bride will only get to see this in a photograph.

3. The First Glance
The first glance photo will allow the couple to have a moment alone before the ceremony. This intimate time relieves both the bride and the groom from the pressure of taking all of their portraits after the nuptials.

4. The Important Rituals
Some couples choose unique ceremonial rituals. It is paramount to discuss the rituals with your photographer so that he/she is in the right place at the right time.

5. The Bridal Portrait
Every bride wants a beautiful portrait of herself, whether it’s a candid or a planned formal.

6. The “Wow” Couple Portrait
The "wow" couple portrait is a picture that shows the couple's personality but also reveals the setting of the wedding, like a farm.

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