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Deirdre and Terry

Photo credit: VMarie Photography
Proposal story: Our coming together truly was love at first "site." We both made it through bad marriages and were ready to settle down again. Fate led us to meet online at Terry was asked to sing at a wedding in Buffalo. Deirdre hadn't met most of Terry’s family so we figured it would be a good trip for us to take. Well, the wedding was postponed. Since tickets had already been purchased, Terry made other plans. He had been thinking of how to propose for weeks; finally it hit him - do it in Niagara Falls! But first, Terry had to buy a ring, get permission (as a gentleman should), and most importantly make sure Deirdre didn't find out! So finally after we flew to Buffalo, met the family and ate some good ole Buffalo wings, it was time. The day started out like any other. We got to Canada and found a quiet place where the two of us overlooked Niagara Falls. Then it happened: Terry: Isn't this beautiful? Deirdre: Yes it is so beautiful. Terry: And you are even more beautiful. I love you so much, and there is nothing more I would rather do than spend the rest of my life with you. (Terry takes out the ring.) Deirdre Renee, will you marry me? Deirdre: *shocked* YES!! Yes baby, YES!! We spent the rest of our "Proposal Day" exploring Canada, falling more in love with each other.
Submitted by Deirdre Williams from Scottdale On 8/1/2012