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April + Darryl

Photo credit: 3-5-9 Fly Designer Photography
Proposal story: A few years ago, Darryl and April met through a "mutual" friend whom they both dearly love. They had their first date at the Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill, which was at that time April's favorite spot for Crab Legs and Old School Music on Wednesday nights. Darryl came through the door looking all handsome and trying to be cool and April made sure she wore her favorite jeans. Smile! She KNEW at that moment that she would reel him in, but Darryl states that wasn't the case. (Insert laugh here). Well.... at this time April was promoting a weekly event at MBar/Fuse and she invited him out to come and hang with her. She showed him a great time and the rest is history. They haven't left each other's side ever since. Darryl and April represent the true meaning of patience and true love. They lift each other higher, support, and have uncondtional love for each other. Best friends indeed. They look forward to being together forever and can't wait to be blessed with this ultimate union of God.
Submitted by April from Atlanta On 7/6/2012