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Ashley Miller + Jason Perry

Photo credit: 375 Photography (Justin Wojtczak)
Proposal story: Jason knows that I love looking at Christmas lights during the holiday season. As a planned date night, he rented a helicopter to fly us over the city so I could see the Macy’s tree and all the glittering holiday lights below. Jason had the pilot fly over our house in Brookhaven and as we made our way over Buckhead towards Atlanta, he surprised me with a mid-air proposal! I was so shocked and excited that I missed the rest of the tour because I couldn’t stop smothering him with kisses and staring at my ring. The best part of the night? My entire family was waiting for us on the tarmac as we landed! As soon as we stepped outside of the helicopter, Jason got down on one knee and proposed again so my family could be there for the joyous moment! It was truly a night to remember!
Submitted by Ashley from Brookhaven On 6/25/2012