wedding emotions

Lately I have been thinking about what it is that drew me to weddings in the first place so that I can get to the basics of this blog and really enjoy the journey rather than feeling bad about not posting something or feeling burdened to have to post every single day even if I have nothing to say. I just want to get down to the simple joy of it in the hopes that you come along with me. 🙂

Then it got me thinking about why it is we women dream of our wedding day as little girls. It also got me thinking about how we lose touch with the real meaning of it all because of the negative emotions that come with it such as stress, guilt, and fear.


Having that ring on your finger ought to bring out the inner girl in you who always dreamed of your wedding day. Feeling giddy is a natural little girl feeling of excitement and you might just feel like you and your fiancee are back to the giddy days of when you first started dating.

Well, assuming you aren’t still in the giddy stage of your relationship. My hubs and I were together 5 years before engagement so the giddy feelings did a comeback for us!


You know that feeling that you don’t want to go to sleep because you have so many ideas and thoughts and that feeling of being anxious to get up in the morning because there is so much you can’t wait to get to for the day. Yep, planning a wedding should be that kind of exciting!


This one is obvious. You should be happy that you are engaged to the man you always dreamed of and that you get to take on the world together! The engagement period is to be a happy time!


You are probably thinking that joy is just the same as happiness but I find it to be something different. It gets down to the source of happiness. You can have your ups and downs, you’ll be happy and you’ll be frustrated in the wedding planning process. However, if you feel deep down that joy of what it means to be getting married, well I’d say you can bring yourself to that peaceful place whenever you are feeling any negative feelings.


“I can’t believe this is happening to me!” “Can this really be true?” “I’m living a dream or a fairytale!” If you find yourself saying these things often, allow yourself to indulge in that feeling. Feeling as if you are on cloud nine without a care in the world is a gift. A beautiful escape for your mind. It will also lead you to the next feeling. . .


If there are any here you aren’t feeling, perhaps a sit down is in order with a loved one that can help you figure out what is keeping you from feeling that way. Then pray about it. If anything, you grow and learn and when it is all said and done, you are truly blessed! Love is the greatest gift!